Month: March 2019

  • How to Write a Review

    Reviews are pretty common these days, but good high-quality reviews aren't. If you are ever tasked to review something, there are a few things that all reviews have in common that make them high quality. Whether you are writing a review of a short story, a set of Broadway play reviews, or a review for a friend, here are some things to do to ensure it is of high quality.

    First, be constructive. Unless the person asking you to do a review specifically wants criticism or the purpose of the review is to rip something apart, then you need to be constructive. Reviews aren't a personal venting station, and there are ways to say something is bad without being rude or degrading about the reviewee's hard work.

    Constructive criticism can take many forms, but most people employ a 'two positives, one negative' structure to their review. First, after describing what it is you are reviewing, focus on things that were done well or things you particularly enjoyed. Take the time to give praise where praise is due, and set the reviewee up for the second part.

    Then focus on things you would change, stuff you didn't like, or anything that didn't make sense. Keep your tone formal and respectful for this part, and give good quality feedback and suggestions. The purpose of a review is to share your thoughts, but also to help the product become better.

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    Finally, end with another positive note to motivate change. Talk about the strengths of the product and the people producing it, and end the review on a high note. This format can be used and adapted for anything and any type of review. Plus, you won't just be spouting off all the stuff you didn't like, but instead, give a balanced opinion with improvement in mind.