Popular Christian Hymns Over the Years

If you are a Christian you’re probably familiar with some of the many Christian songs that are sung in church, played on radios, and otherwise enjoyed. Many hits have made their ways around the country over the years. Some songs have stuck out in the minds of Christians more than others, however. Want to learn what some of the most popular Christian songs of all time are? You’ve come to the right place to learn.

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Holy, Holy, Holy: Holy, Holy, Holy is a hymn that is oftentimes sung in churches and chores. Many artists have also performed the song. Reginald Hebert wrote the song in England in 1826.

What a Friend We Have In Jesus: What a Friend We Have in Jesus was written by Joseph Scriven in 1855. The music was later added in 1868 by Charles Converse.

Amazing Grace: This popular song was first published in 1779, written by John Newton. It’s been remade by countless entertainers over the years, including Elvis Presley.

How Great Thou Art: Written in 1885, this is another song that’s been performed by many singers over the years. It is a powerful song written about the love of God.

This Little Light of Mine: This Little Light of Mine is a 1928 song written by John Lomax. It is a fun song that delivers the Holy Spirit into your heart. It’s also a favorite for children of all ages and kids at heart, too.

Write a Christian Song

Could your song become the next big Christian hit that people are singing in church and with their families? If you’re a christian songwriter, it could very well be! Songwriters are introducing new songs to churches every day, hopeful they’ll catch on and become popular hits. And so, it could be your song that is the success.